Thank you for coming. It is always such a joy to have you here. Your storytelling inspires our students. You give them the opportunity to be kids and enjoy literature in a different art form.
Tara Hartline, Ed.S. Fourth Grade Teacher Adairsville Elementary

Miss Jane, you did a marvelous job at the Exchange Place at the National Storytelling Festival. I appreciate your willingness to go first. You set just right tone.
You are a woman of exceptional talent.
Elizabeth Ellis National Storyteller

Miss Jane’s  animation  held the children’s attention the entire time she told  stories.
Grant age 14 student workers for Darlington Schools Delightascope summer preschool program.

The 3 years olds enjoy story time. They respond well to Miss Jane’s enthusiasm. She goes beyond the pages in a book  with her facial  expressions, voice and gestures.  Repeated chants and phrases  in many of her stories allow the students   to join -in the telling of the story.     Story time with Miss Jane is a great experience for the students.

Christine age 16 student worker for Darlington Schools Delightascope summer preschool program

The 3 year olds were very responsive to Miss Jane’s character voices.  The kids asked her to repeat the same stories day after day.
Melissa age 18 student worker for Dalington Schools Delightascope summer preschool program.

Jane Cunningham, professional storyteller, held 600 Etowah County fourth Graders spellbound with an hour long storytelling lesson in Alabama history. _Tim Lockett.e Gadsden Times, Gadsden, Alabama

Entertaining, education and enlightening are hallmarks of a great story and  storyteller. When Jane  Cunningham tells you a tale, you will never forget it.
Leah Huffstatler Berry College