Jane O. Cunningham is engaging, when she tell stories in schools, libraries and museums.

Many audiences who have heard her tell stories call her          “miss jane”.


Jane O. Cunningham captivates her audience from the moment she begins.

  • “She uses a variety of styles to keep her audience engaged. They interact with her stories and hang on to her every word.
  • “Her personality is energetic, loving, and captivating.
  • “Through her characterizations the children become so engrossed they become part of the story and take part as the characters develop.

“The children and the teachers always leave with a smile on their face.” –
Lynn Beaver, 2nd grade teacher, Midway School,Floyd County, GA


“miss jane” has stories for all ages.

I have taught  pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade. When it was time for a story, I found myself holding a picture book for the children to see the pictures and telling the story from the pictures.
The students were far more engaged with the story, than when I read the words and then showed the pictures. I realized that I tell stories by creating images and telling about the image.  Now I enjoy telling stories for all age.




Rome City Clock Tower
Rome City Clock Tower
Telling stories at base of Rome City Clock Tower
Jane O. Cunningham telling stories on the grounds of Rome City Clock Tower.







I never considered myself a storyteller.

As a docent for Chieftains Museum (a house museum) and a tour guide for the Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau, I shared stories of Major Ridge and the Cherokee who occupied the area that is now Rome and Floyd County. I told  the stories that I had heard from older Romans. Each Roman who shared a story with me had their own personal version of the Clock Tower, the great flood of 1886 and the Capitoline Wolf Statue given to the city of Rome by Mussolini. I chose the parts I liked best from their stories and created my own version. I added historical stories that I researched at the county library and Chieftains Museum. As I retold stories of Rome and talked about the city’s history, I never considered myself a storyteller. I thought of myself as a teacher and a community volunteer.