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Miss Jane makes you
part of the story ...

"Jane Cunningham" is a dynamic storyteller:

  • "She captivates her audience from the moment she begins.
  • "She uses a variety of styles to keep her audience interested.   They interact with her stories and hang on to her every word.  
  • "Her personality is energetic, loving, and captivating.
  • "Through her characterizations the children become so engrossed they become part of the story and take part as the characters develop.

"The children and the teachers always leave with a smile on their face."—Lynn Beaver, 2nd grade teacher, Midway School, Floyd County, GA

Miss Jane brings her talent to libraries, schools, churches, and community events throughout the Southeast—and beyond.

A teacher and librarian, she understands both the need to captivate an audience—of any age—and the techniques required to give a listening experience long-term

educational and inspirational value.

An award-winning recording artist, she offers workshops and performance programs for groups of all kinds. Qualified organizations can request a free, 15-minute phone consultation, in which she uses her expertise to help you determine what kind of a program—from her or otherwise—would meet your needs.

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